I don't have anything against them, but...
...But what?
Usually the greatest bullshit is following. We all know that.

Thinking about the motto of our CSD there came some situations into my mind, when I was faced with something like that.
I don't have anything against homosexuals, but do they need to show off?
I don't have anything against you, but do you have to be that poofy?
Or: Everyone can be how he wants to, but I want a real man.
Ja, you heard it right: The "I don't have anything against them, but"-complex  is not only virulent in the conservative-heterosexual camp, but also among our community.

And everything I can answer is: I need to be that poofy. Because I want to.
On tuesday the young Socialists showed my favourite movie: Stonewall. The film shows the starting point of the gay and lesbian movement and the conflictual relationship between two camps in the community:

The one group wanted to conform and begged for pity and recognition. The other group provoked a riot around their favourite bar to oppose repression, criminalization und police violence. And those were fags, butches, Queers of Colour and all imaginable nonconformist perverts, who were not only outlawed by the state and the heterosexual public, but also by their homosexual brothers and sisters.
And thereby they set a worldwide movement into work, we commemorate today.
We are commemorating the pioneers, who didn't defer to someone, who fought instead of begging and who prompted a revolution I am grateful for today. 

If there is somebody saying: I don't have anything against them, but do they have to celebrate themselves that shrill and that loud? I am responding: Yes, we have to!
We are carrying on an inheritance of brave faggots, sissies, trannies, bull-dikes black lesbians and rent boys. This demonstration must not be conformate. We have a history at that history neither wears a suit nor cotton tights. 

Today we do not have to fight against police violence or imprisonmentanymore. However, 45 years after the Stonewall Riots we are faced withh structural discrimination of a government that tries to make us second-class citizens.
We are faced with a society that makes defamation of sexual minorities even in big weekly magazines possible. We are faced with a religious-fundamentalist culture that regards gay sex as a sin and homosexuality as a curable.
We are faced with individual homophobia and transphobia that claim victims of violence.
And, my dear fag-fairies, trans*, queers, tomboys, sluts, bitches, sex maniacs, notoriously undecided bisexuals and other freaks: we a additionally faced with our people, who think that everything would be fine if we were a bit less different and a bit more normal.
The claims of the Stonewall rioters are still present We don't want special rights, we want equal rights and an end of the discrimination.

Right here are standing people who were excluded from their families because they are gay
People who had to quit their jobs because co-workers find transsexuals disgusting.
Couples who want to  start a family but are'nt allowed.
People who became victims of violence, because they are different.
And we are all standing here to say very loudly (and of course shrilly!): No, we don't want that anymore!
We want a world without discrimination.
We don't want a second class citizenship.

All I can say is, that I will take to the street in a nice drice and posh makeup till such time as every youngster can fearlessly come out in front of his_her parents, friends and class mates
till such time as nobody looks askant at trans* anymore
till such time as the adoption bureaus don't care about the parents' sexes anymore

And till such time as nobody says 'I don't have anything against them, but'